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Like almost anyone who is creative, I’m also prone to burnout. #Rest and more importantly #restoration has been initially something I didn’t know how to do, and later a #guiltypleasure. I.e something I felt really uncomfortable about. Many ‘hard working’ people grow up in an environment where not-doing when you could-be-doing was lower, shameful even. The way to get around feeling bad about taking time out – for me- has been to instigate structured rest and restoration. I’m trying to learn that this shouldn’t be a luxury but an equally privileged part of creating. Shit – it was good enough for God right? I read that for people like me who struggle to ‘stop’, that rest can be obtained by changing phase – i.e doing something different for awhile. I’ve been taking baths, walking in beautiful places with my dog, reading, sometimes cooking. Exercise even has become part of the change of phase. Seeing friends. This concept of changing phase to enable rest- is centred on the idea that we can release one part of the brain whilst we engage another. So its important to pick something different to what you are doing that is ‘work’. I liked this photo because I felt really like I was suspended in the palm of a hand. I was fresh out the bath. The house didn’t smell of creosote. The kids next door had temporarily stopped jumping on the trampoline, I could hear birds. It doesn’t last long but here it is in a moment – Rest captured. ————- Also I’m not wearing a bindi – thats just my moley old face. #rest #restoration #introspection #peace #creosote #birdsong #womanintech #entrepreneur #growth #moon #structuredliving #disciplineequalsfreedom #bath #trampolinesareevil