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I’m reconfiguring (again) and thinking about whether social media fits within my priorities. This recent time has me thinking about how I want to concentrate my efforts on direct human connection and on creativity. I recently spent time with my cousin and thought – I would rather message you than.. the generic everyone… I’m pondering – can I call this time on social media a good investment? I love the record of photographs – so I’ve sent then to be printed via @lalalab . I absolutely appreciate the little moments of connection. But does this represent a good return on the investment of my time? I’ll still need it for work… this makes for a difficult disconnect. I’m also thinking about facebook owned business and whether it’s a safe space for expression? I’m increasingly skeptical. I’ve already traded parts and cross-sections of my identity unwittingly. Parts that have been used – amongst things- to inform and manipulate politics in the direction of money. I’m working on it, mulling over it… and I’m taking an insta break.
I haven’t bought myself a bike since 1998 – though I’ve pretty much had one most of that time. Mr Cloud and Mrs Slut were @katealicia77 and I’s wheels at #msls at @blekingetekniskahogskola but we didn’t buy them… they came from the annual course bike pool (such an amazing idea) and the security guard at the Create Centre gave me a little gold hercules in 200? After I commented that he looked like a fat santa on a child’s christmas bike and he asked – « do you want it then? »… so welcome a new bike to the fold. I’m going to cycle it to work and see how we hold up!
All through our cycle Chris kept pulling these ridiculous magazine poses. His very brief foray into modelling for marketing materials has set him up with some crackers. I tried to get involved but haven’t quite cracked it. This photo taken by @brendanjarnold is for an imagined advert for giant incontinence undies for the proactive incontinents amongst us. They’ve asked us to demonstrate the joys of cycling in said undies (which we weren’t). This pose is called – “oh look over there”. I imagine someone would add some meaningful story over the image – “we cycled for 3 hours and I pissed my pants several times but no one was the wiser and my new *pissinpants ™ really helped keep me chafe free”. Pissinpants – the adventurer’s choice… I feel a bit sad that said pants dont exist and think that I might want some pissinpants myself one day… don’t really see tenalady holding up to horseriding do you? #cycling #normandy #lessalines #regneville #incontinence