Get stuck into: The Daily Practice of Awesomeness

In the last year a fair bunch of my dear friends and I realised that although we know we are attractive intelligent and so forth, we were somehow quite self depreciating; both to ourselves and also when we describe what we do to others – “I run this little project, you wouldn’t have heard of it – its fairly mediocre …” etc. So we came up with the Daily Practice of Awesomeness. 

Far less grandiose than the name suggests; the Daily Practice of Awesomeness involves simply attempting to banish from your day-to-day life the likes of apologetics, playing down your intellect, dismissing your projects and achievements – all the white-lies and dishonesties that come with self-depreciation. It turns out there is a fair amount of humility to be found in confessing your prowess. Nothing to do with over selling yourself, blowing your own trumpet or fostering an air of grandiosity, it says don’t self yourself short and that through this small honesty, you can convey a more whole and authentic version of yourself to those around you.

The self-depreciators I know are all high-achievers; are highly empathetic; are for the most part polymaths; are charismatic and are attractive*. It started to occur to me that presenting the self as lesser, was a complex means by which to control how others react – the subtle manipulation of others through psychological suggestion (obviously). And, that this is somehow safer than allowing others to choose for themselves how they perceive you. I realised, that therein lies a convoluted disrespect…

stay with me here…

The key realisation after a few months of experimenting with the Daily Practice of Awesomeness (I just want to keep typing it out) is thisUltimately self-depreciation is a challenge to the freedom of others to determine for themselves how they think of you. Nelson Mandela says it succinctly – referring to the way we might uphold our external lives – we can think of this for our internal world also: “To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” So take a leap with me – The Daily Practice of Awesomeness, is at its core about fostering a way of being that engenders greater respect for the freedom of others around you- to make their own decision as to how they perceive you. How you can relate from there on in – on your (pl) terms as opposed to your (sg) terms; might just lead to the mutual appreciation of how famazing you (pl) actually are. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

* Yep, all on my terms baby – POW POW – I’m the mofo author yo!


3 thoughts on “Get stuck into: The Daily Practice of Awesomeness

  1. “And, that this is somehow safer than allowing others to choose for themselves how they perceive you. I realized, that therein lies a convoluted disrespect…” … quite right. while secretly thinking you’re great anyway. may as well be out with it!

    • I think part of the complexity is being self-depreciating towards yourself… probably makes this a little more convoluted… but hey if you think you’re great and you are literally manipulating everyone around you… still applies!

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