I’ve been working on #fearsetting with the women’s group I’m part of. We are using resources from the website of @timferriss and used his Ted Talk to get us started. I have to say I’ve found it cathartic and I’ve been trying to apply #stoicism to my work to reduce stress and anxiety.

A lot of my fears are around the leap I’m taking this year, handing my business over it’s capable team and taking time out to get out of the admin and back into the state of the art.

I’ve been accepted to study a PhD centred around soilless growing in the Architecture department of Portsmouth University. It feels like a huge privilege. I see it as a direction and container for my explorations to come. However, having started and not completed a PhD in the past it also scares the *%#^ out of me.

I’m also scared for my (our – we are 7 community owners now) business. Despite thinking the team are amazing, my job to connect the dots and find resources to nurture our ideas doesn’t quite feel over. I question if in fact I am running away? Our current resources will run out… but as my friend @brendanjarnold pointed out – that’s the case in every business.

It isn’t as scary when I write it down. The ‘prevent’ actions all@look to me to be questions of character. I write down #persist #delegate #shareskills#discipline #introspection and later down the list #patience#independence #honesty #values and finally – in line with Tim’s thoughts on #stoicism I come out with “experience it not think it” referring to this idea that our physical reality is often better than our mental plane would have us believe!

Tim’s excercise goes on to question – “what might be the benefit of an attempt or partial success?” followed by “what are the costs of inaction?” – so I have a couple more exercises to go through. I really recommend this activity and thanks to @rolfe.alice for the suggestion.

#entrepreneur #futurist #womanintech #soilless #hydroponics#aquaponics #architecture #introspection #journalling #fears #growth


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